Because You Deserve More

Welcome to Our Sanctuary

Nestled in the historic, beautiful town of Flushing, MI, you will find a peaceful oasis called SisCo Salon and Spa. Offering a truly unique and earthy experience, from the moment you step inside, you are enveloped in a serene and earthy vibe. With a commitment to caring for the well-being of our clients and the environment, we exclusively use eco-friendly products. We take pride in our sanctuary, where clients can come for an exceptional and calming experience and leave feeling relaxed and confident.

You deserve some time for self-care; you deserve more.
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An Array of Beauty Services

Hair Salon

We offer a variety of eco-friendly and holistic hair treatments, including cleansing and conditioning treatments, special occasion styles, custom colors, and precision haircuts.

Nail Suite

Our nail services include manicures, gel manicures, nail enhancements such as acrylic full sets and back fills, as well as pedicures and foot detox treatments.


Experience rejuvenating services, including facials, dermaplaning, spray tan, waxing, and brow enhancements, and therapy sessions such as infrared sauna, red light therapy, and halo therapy.


Our sanctuary services include coaching sessions, energy healing treatments, and meditations to help people improve their lives, deepen their spiritual connection, and achieve personal growth.


Shop a wide selection of professional hair care products, skincare products, cosmetics, and spa accessories so you can maintain your salon and spa experience at home.

An Eco-Friendly & Creative Vision

Going the extra mile for our clients is a fundamental principle at SisCo. Ingrained in everything from our aesthetics to our products is a holistic and all-natural approach to beauty. A visit here is more than just a regular appointment — it’s an opportunity to indulge in self-love and embrace a sense of calm because we know you deserve it. We have proudly established SisCo as a haven for those seeking an eco-conscious and rejuvenating beauty experience.

“Truly an elevated experience. So relaxing with great friendly service. Fantastic atmosphere with all the qualities to enhance and revitalize.”

– R. N.

“Great positive team to work with! Highly recommended for large event services or even a day in the spa! The team truly did work so well together and made the [wedding] day less stressful.”

K. K.

“ I have some hard hair to cut and make look good without doing some weird cuts. Barbers never get it right, which is why I have to look for a salon to cut my hair, and even then, it’s iffy. I was pleasantly surprised when you got it right after saying one thing about it! The products you recommended feel amazing on my scalp too! Thanks again!!!”

J. B.

“LOVED the fact that they had heat lamps instead of putting you under a hot-fumes-filled typical bowl hair dryer when waiting for your color to set. Reasonable prices and great healthy hair products. I would recommend this salon over and over again to anyone. I look forward to trying more of their services!”

C. C.